[OSM-talk] Why no link from osm.org to osmbugs.org?

Mitja Kleider mitja at kleider.name
Sat Feb 19 23:38:51 GMT 2011

On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 17:30 +0000, Richard Mann wrote:
> There's probably some good reason, but why isn't there a link from
> osm.org to report a bug?

I do not know the direct answer to that question. There had been some
efforts to integrate "data bug reports" into the main website [1]. As
far as I know, nobody is working on it anymore.

> At the moment, my advice to a potential reporter would be:
> 1) use osm.org
> 2) spot an error
> 3) use osmbugs.org (and wonder who schokokeks is and why it shows the
> whole of Europe)

Yes, that might be confusing. Schokokeks is my web hoster. Europe is
shown because I had little OpenLayers knowledge at the time the service
was rewritten (most of the OpenLayers code was reused from previous

> 4) rezoom to the place where you were just a minute ago, dodging any
> accidental clicks on existing bugs

I agree it needs some updates. I did not want to spend my time on
services that are going to be replaced anyway. I would still prefer
integration into osm.org, but am lacking interest in learning rails.

In the current situation a direct link to the desired spot might
actually help.


[1] http://git.openstreetmap.org/rails.git/tree/openstreetbugs

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