[OSM-talk] Shutting down transiki & glider

Steve Coast steve at asklater.com
Sun Feb 20 01:22:32 GMT 2011

I'm offering anyone who wants to take over transiki or glider the chance 
to do so, and their domains will auto-expire otherwise. Changing jobs, 
continuing OSM work and lack of bandwidth is why.

Transiki.org, a transit wiki got initial buzz and followers on the list 
but I've just not had the time to finish it to the point where it was 
complete. There are even pending patches to check. It would probably 
take a few weeks of rails work and then a lot of iteration and fighting 
the GTFS crowd to make it fly.

Gliderhq.com was a ruby on rails presentation system where people could 
help by choosing which slides came next, comment on slides, chat about 
them and so on while a presentation was going on. It's been static since 
I built version 1.0

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