[OSM-talk] Zero tolerance on imports

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Mon Feb 21 18:42:12 GMT 2011

On 21/02/2011 18:03, Peter Budny wrote:
> Okay, even if we accept that -- and many OSM mappers do not,
They've clearly not heard the posh woman inside my satnav then - she has 
no problems pronouncing "name" and "ref" information on roads (she can't 
pronounce "Huthwaite", but that's another problem).

The UK road numbering rules are different from the US in that one road 
can be part of more than one route (in the UK if routes A1234 and A2345 
joined for a bit and then separated the joint bit would be labelled 
A1234 or A2345, but not both) so I guess that that's why you're keen to 
create lots of route relations.  The problem is, changes like these are 
not actually getting unmapped stuff mapped or capturing extra detail.

> You haven't addressed the original problem, which is that there is a lot
> of editing to be done, some of which is tedious and easily performed by
> computers.
Actually, I'm really not convinced that there's a lot of EDITING to be 
done.  In some cases there is a bit of tidying (such as "someone drew 
some roads that didn't quite join, whereas in the real world they do") 
but in most cases it's ADDING that's needed.  There might be a lot of 
editing needs doing where crap has been imported, but that's a different 

What there are are lots of blank spaces on the map.  For example, I 
spent Sunday afternoon here:

A couple of bits could count as "editing" but most of it was adding new 
stuff that (a) hadn't been added to OSM before and (b) isn't actually 
freely accessible anywhere else (or isn't recorded anywhere at all), and 
that you can only find out by Actually Going There.  Unfortunately 
there's no Big Goverment Dataset that says that there's a stile here, or 
that Path X is blocked by a barbed wire fence, or that you have to climb 
over a wall to get to Y.

As "http://weait.com/content/how-well-can-you-map" says: "A mapper on 
every block.  That's what we want. Tell your friends. "


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