[OSM-talk] Zero tolerance on imports

Anders Arnholm anders at arnholm.se
Tue Feb 22 06:51:35 GMT 2011

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2011-02-21 16:03, Peter Budny skrev:

> it's capable of capturing; OSM's model is much better IMO.  BUT, Waze
> has captured traces of a much larger portion of the US than OSM has.
> Waze has both average and real-time speed data, whereas OSM has no
> provision for this whatsoever.

In sweden Waze have pickes over all up a much smaller part, and have
much more error, extra parallel roads. Waze is a really usefull tool, i
would love them to co-operate with OSM,

> Those of you who think all automated or semi-automated data
> contributions are harmful to OSM are dooming this project to never be
> able to grow to become a leading source of mapping data.

The bigger the data base, the less useful automates imports, or I'm i
missing something?

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