[OSM-talk] Crisis mapping - assistance requested for infrastructure mapping in Christchurch

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 00:42:35 GMT 2011

Hi OSM mappers,
As most of you are probably aware, we had a severe earthquake in
Christchurch, New Zealand this week, killing over 100 people and
demolishing or damaging hundreds, possibly thousands of the following:
water mains
electricity supplies
sewage drains
other major infrastructure.

NZ mappers have been discussing how they can help, and we have decided
it would be useful to trace as many of these pieces of infrastructure
as possible in the affected area. Christchurch has very good Bing
imagery taken last year, allowing pre-quake items to be traced quite

High quality post-earthquake imagery will be available in the next
24-48 hours [1], to enable further tracing [2], to show the current

Both pre- and post-quake tracing are requested, to allow appraisal of
the differences caused by the earthquake.

If anyone can help, please head over to
http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=-43.563&lon=172.7&zoom=11 and lend a

Tracing of altered natural features would also be useful, although
infrastructure is of more importance for the moment

Any further questions, please ask.

[1] we're not sure where or how yet - perhaps someone can assist here
also, getting the images into Potlatch/JOSM/etc.?
[2] with appropriate tags for damaged/re-arranged items - would the
likes of 'date_on' be appropriate here? please advise if you can
suggest the most suitable tags to use


http://tangleball.org.nz/ - Auckland's Creative Space
http://openstreetmap.org.nz/ - Open Street Map New Zealand

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