[OSM-talk] [HOT] Nametagging: Local script versus "international" latin script (for Libya)

Jean-Marc Liotier jm at liotier.org
Mon Feb 28 12:27:34 GMT 2011

Jean-Guilhem Cailton wrote:
> I would also use int_name only if it differs from name:en (can't think
> of an example right now), or if what is meant is really "Internationally
> known as".
> Of course, if they are different and if your question is about the Latin
> part in name tag, I guess int_name should have precedence, in the
> framework of international humanitarian intervention.
> What do you think?
> Is int_name used by any renderer?

Reading http://taginfo.openstreetmap.de/keys/int_name#values suggests 
that what "international name" actually means is the romanized version 
of the local name - which may differ from the English name.

"Romanized version of the local name" makes more sense to me than just 
"international name". Anyone else here who thinks that is would make a 
better definition of int_name ?

> Steve, (about Ṭarābulus) that's an idea, though it does not fit the wiki
> definition. At least, that's a way of storing it. A name:xyz where xyz
> would mean romanized Arabic would be better, in principle. (But there
> does not seem to be a recognized code for it).

Which romanization standard should be used ?
It looks like no standard dominates. Let's hope we'll find a way to 
avoid OSM edit wars about romanized Arabic...

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