[OSM-talk] Addresses

Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 23:53:55 GMT 2011

If the house number is missing, no problem, then leave away addr:housenumber.

Are these American style addresses, i.e. 12345, Example Street, or
European style: Eygenstraat 123.

Could you post a few examples of the most common cases and a few
border line cases. Maybe it's possible to parse them with a regular

Of course, first check whether your data is OK to import into OSM, license wise.


2011/3/1 John-Michael Wiley <jmwiley at microsoft.com>:
> I am working on a project which will be importing items from excel and
> putting them on the map. The items (shops, buildings,…) have got address but
> they do not have the house numbers separated the street name, nor is it
> always the case that the house number is included. It is not a simple
> parsing task to parse these field for every locale, so I am wondering what I
> should do with it. Should I put it into a new tag, should I use the full?
> How can I add this information to the entity without making errors in the
> street or house number fields?
> Thanks,
> J.M. Wiley
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