[OSM-talk] Sotm-EU11: thanks to the organisation committee

Mitja Kleider mitja at kleider.name
Thu Jul 21 11:44:22 BST 2011

On Thu, 2011-07-21 at 00:40 +0100, SomeoneElse wrote:
> > All videos should now be online. If there's still a video missing we 
> > do not have the right to publish it or we have technical problems with 
> > the video (Steves Keynote seems not to work. Andreas Trawöger is still 
> > working on this together with the TU Teaching Support Center.)

The first download links appeared already, thanks for the fast response!

> The embedded video player is unwatchable now (even when most people in 
> Austria are probably asleep).  Just the audio downloads are really all 
> that need to be downloaded (the links to the presentations are already 
> available in various formats).  Could these (or as Pavi suggests the raw 
> .flv files) be made available (in any format, as long as they're 
> downloadable)?

The Matterhorn recording system has audio and video in various formats,
you can query them by talk-id:

Search for Camera.avi or Screen.avi and you will find a download url.
Note that speaker (Camera) and slides (Screen) are separate videos.
There is also .flv in high and low resolution and audio only (.m4a).

The non-Matterhorn downloads linked in the schedule include slides and
speaker as picture in picture. Thanks again!


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