[OSM-talk] shortened names

Brian Quinion openstreetmap at brian.quinion.co.uk
Thu Jul 28 13:53:05 BST 2011

> I think the main issue now is whether St at the beginning of English
> place names is an abbreviation for Saint, or actually part of the
> place name as "St", and whether the same rule applies to street
> names. And not just at the beginning, thinking about it. I don't
> think I'd ever write "Bury Saint Edmunds" (mapped as Bury St.
> Edmunds in OSM).

Ask any English speaker in the UK what the 'st' in "Bury St Edmunds"
means and they will tell you it is an abbreviation for Saint.

St. is an abbreviation. It's just a very common one and an unusual
case that we don't want to render the full 'Saint' on the map because
it would look odd.


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