[OSM-talk] Poll on Governance, what constitutes news, wiki front page

Adam Hoyle adam.lists at dotankstudios.com
Tue Jun 14 23:18:04 BST 2011

On 13 June 2001, at 14:49, Dermot McNally wrote:

> > So I ask any interested parties and Richard: please respond with a
> > definition of what constitutes "news" and/or some reasoning that it is "one
> > person's hobbyhorse", otherwise I will revert you back. Also if you want to
> > raise awareness of the poll, I would appreciate some support here! ;)
> It was put very succinctly by somebody earlier - paraphrasing, you
> know something is news if it's important enough that somebody other
> than the person who did it thinks it's news. In a similar vein,
> Wikipedia takes a dim view of people writing an article about
> themselves.

IMHO an open discussion on the future of OSM and it's governance is definitely newsworthy and should definitely be somewhere that is prominent enough for as many people/mappers as possible to engage with. On that basis the front page seems a very appropriate place for this.


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