[OSM-talk] bulk_upload.py consistently results in 500 server error

KKL Import kkl_import at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 19 20:56:15 BST 2011

> Would now be a prudent time to ask the TS ('KKL Import') why he is 
> uploading such a huge dataset[1] in one operation? To me that sounds 
> like just asking for trouble, and trouble is what he got.
> If you upload 600k nodes, before you get on to uploading the ways that 
> use those nodes, you should absolutely _not_ be surprised when someone 
> comes along and deletes one of those nodes before you upload the 
> relevant way. The chances of something like this happening rise 
> immensely with time and the amount of floating nodes you're accumulating.
> [1] "~600k nodes, ~4k ways, 280 relations"
> -- 
> Lennard

Yes you are right, I've learned it the hard way.
All the changes are now reverted and in the next attempt I'll be uploading self-contained chunks of data each time.

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