[OSM-talk] GNIS quality improvement, was: USGS Topo maps

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Mon Nov 28 19:10:49 GMT 2011

  On that matter -- I've been working on an idea for a GNIS microtasking
  platform. What it would do is:

  * Show a random non-improved GNIS point in your neighborhood - name +

  * Allow you to 1) drag the point to the correct location, 2) flag it
    as no longer existing or 3) flag it as incorrect name.

  * The collected improvements would be pushed to OpenStreetBugs or
    something similar.

That makes sense, but how do you deal with logging the modifier of the
data - is this a webapp, and do people log in with OAuth?

I wonder if you can make this a JOSM plugin.

An extension is to find two points, one from GNIS, and one from MassGIS,
that are supposed to be the same point, and merge them, keeping the ref
tags.  But only a few of us care about that case :-)
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