[OSM-talk] user rankings

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Thu Sep 8 09:32:02 BST 2011

Simon Poole writes: 

> We naturally already have fairly extensive user rankings, see odbl.de.
This is a ranking which counts who was the last one touching an object. As 
Maurizio already pointed out this is not too meaningful as it says nothing 
about the quality of edits. 

If I want to have a higher rank I simply select some big polygon and move 
it a few centimeters. Or write a script that inserts a new node in the 
middle of existing nodes of a way. You push up your rank without creating 
more value. 

So taking into account other metrics to calculate the merit sounds 
reasonable. Actually going outside to add street names is with the current 
metric less valuable than armchair mapping roads from bing.
Merit has to take into account the time effort donated to OSM in some way. 


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