[OSM-talk] Naming disputes in Ukraine

iONiX ionix.ua at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 19:43:25 BST 2012


how of it comes, than none of responses in ukrainian forum
(http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=17533) were quoted
here? Neither this discussion here were referenced by DWG in that thread.

Where can I see discussion of DWG members to this issue?

I am still waiting for answers to my questions:

> 1. Will be same decision made in other parts of the world, if similar
> problems will come up?
> 2. Information on signs is more important and should be retained in
> OSM DB even if its proven to be wrong through legislation rulings?

We showed examples in forum, why it is not that simple to follow "truth
on the ground" rule in ukraine. Here are some examples from me:

According to decision of DWG, I am allowed to put in name on this street
( http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/28294508 ):
* Горпіщенко вулиця - based on this sign (
* Горпищенко улица - based on this sign (
In both cases it would be correct and not against the decision, because:
* this are two different signs
* they are not installed under each other
* moreover, they are installed in totally different places (in case I
see only one of those signs)

It seems, this sign (
) does not have status part. In both languages name of the street is
"Кожанова", but status part in ukrainian would be "вулиця" in russian
"улица". Should status part be removed from street name completely?

What when street is renamed and you want to send a letter, or some poi
is located there and have its official address with new name, but old
signs are still installed (for months or years). Do You really still
want to rely on those old signs on the street?

Here another quote from user Upliner:
> However, I still hope for a more amicable solution. For example,
> Belarusian community decided to use Russian language in "name" tag in
> spite of the fact that there are lot of Belarusian street signs in
> Minsk (I don't know how it is in other cities). For rendering in
> Belarusian language they use separate Mapnik server.

Do I have now permission from DWG to go and change all name tags on
streets that have belarusian signs?

I do not want to change name tags to ukrainian language in Crimea for
now, but it is not an acceptable solution from DWG we now have to respect.

Kind regards,

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