[OSM-talk] Naming disputes in Ukraine

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 19:57:48 BST 2012

iONiX wrote:
> What when street is renamed and you want to send a letter, or some poi
> is located there and have its official address with new name, but old
> signs are still installed (for months or years). Do You really still
> want to rely on those old signs on the street?

Most definitely for the main rendered detail, and if there are two different 
versions I would show them exactly where they appear on the ground. But for 
additional information related to a particular language, then that should simply 
be correctly tagged and stored. It may be that there is an additional note that 
explains that one of two signs is wrong, but until what is visible on the ground 
is changed, the base information is well defined - even if it is totally wrong 
:) And that applies everywhere in the world ... EVEN if some local authority try 
to dictate otherwise.

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