[OSM-talk] Naming disputes in Ukraine

iONiX ionix.ua at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 20:45:55 BST 2012

On 02.08.2012 21:22, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> [..]
>> We showed examples in forum, why it is not that simple to follow "truth
>> on the ground" rule in ukraine. Here are some examples from me:
> Yes, it is not simple. The simplest solution would be to say that all
> names in the Crimea shold be in Russian, or all names should be in
> Ukrainian - the two extreme positions that led to the edit war.
> Do you have a better *compromise* solution, or are you arguing for one
> of the extreme positions? If you have a better *compromise* solution,
> get the buy in from all involved parties and DWG won't stand in your way
> when you execute it. 

I made my point of view pretty clear in forum: declare name tag as
deprecated, like discussed here before. But I understand that it is not
possible to this in short time. Therefore this DWG solution is
acceptable for now.

> [...]
>> Do I have now permission from DWG to go and change all name tags on
>> streets that have belarusian signs?
> If there are any streets with Belarusian signs in the Crimea, then
> you're welcome to change them.

No, I mean signs in Minks, Belarus!

>> I do not want to change name tags to ukrainian language in Crimea for
>> now, but it is not an acceptable solution from DWG we now have to
>> respect.
> Given that the extreme solutions "all names in Russian" and "all names
> in Ukrainian" are not acceptable either, what would you suggest?

Yes both this solutions are extreme, but ukrainian community decided for
consistency to use ukrainian language in name tag - even mappers from
other mostly russian speaking regions wanted it this way. Until one, two
(three?) mappers from Crimea wanted only to *see* their city in russian
language. Do they provided any other arguments? They did not provided
any other possible solutions to this problem. Ukrainian community even
offered them to make an proposal for Crimea region - none of them
answered to this offer.

Again, I will accept for now this decision, and none of mappers from
ukrainian community, as far as I can see, changed any name tag to
ukrainian again.

Kind regards,

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