[OSM-talk] Private OpenStreet's Strategy

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Sat Aug 4 04:09:03 BST 2012

hi all

all of you know that we host the private openstreetmap here under
Indonesia Internet Exchange, and  good news it, Australia, Canada, and
several country try to implement this model, because that is not good
a hoop between server must go to USA. China also agresif lobby a ISPs
here that have big traffic to link direct between Indoensia - China.
by pass the USA internet network.

these benefit both us to access both server faster, without have to
ping pong to USA backbone.

yes, IIX just awared as the best backbone in the world..this is pure
US$ 0 free community internet backbone development, smiliar with OSM
model, but for infrastructure.

now to access our private openstreetmap (osmosa.net), faster for
several city, esp in java island.

and now also the IIX foundr (Johar Alam) develop IIX to Sulawesi
Island and another 8 area all over Indonesia from Sumatera to West

our plan to implement as much as possible OSM integration in our
openstreetmap server called osmosa.net

i have several question.

1. need your feedback regarding several extension on OSM outside
OSM.org, and is it good bring all to the local OSM (osmosa.net)... we
implemented like tracking, routing etc..

2. i found that the tile for local country growing, and yes, there are
several access from outside country (so we decided to implement global
tiles), and shocked the hard disk eaten a lot, we need more space..
but we still not find a business model.. we use our programming skill
to get revenue from integrate with openstreet with our apps to buy
infrastructure.. anyone have experience with this? HOT team?

3. we found regenerate the planet data to our server consume time, and
we cant make the data in our osmosa as uptodate as osm, and need
almost 2 week for 1 time planet regenerating, anyone can help?

4. integration with osm is new topic, how to get link with all of
them? esp we know, developer using different tech, python, java, etc..
how to communicate with them?



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