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Other people might be able to help you better, but in the mean time I will
give some answers.
Apologies if I don't understand you questions right.

On 4 August 2012 04:09, Frans Thamura <frans at meruvian.org> wrote:
> 1. need your feedback regarding several extension on OSM outside
> OSM.org, and is it good bring all to the local OSM (osmosa.net)... we
> implemented like tracking, routing etc..
I think these features are very good to add if they are of interest/use to
the local community.
You can see what other websites have done/added by looking at this list

> 2. i found that the tile for local country growing, and yes, there are
> several access from outside country (so we decided to implement global
> tiles), and shocked the hard disk eaten a lot, we need more space..
> but we still not find a business model.. we use our programming skill
> to get revenue from integrate with openstreet with our apps to buy
> infrastructure.. anyone have experience with this? HOT team?
The OpenStreetMap Foundation has got donations from corporations to help
run the osm.org servers. A friendly university offered some space for
servers to be kept.
I think HOT has had funding from governments and humanity organisations.

> 3. we found regenerate the planet data to our server consume time, and
> we cant make the data in our osmosa as uptodate as osm, and need
> almost 2 week for 1 time planet regenerating, anyone can help?
You should not need to regenerate the whole planet every time, but use the
planet diffs to update. Look at the wiki documentation or ask the
dev at osm.org mailing list for more info.

> 4. integration with osm is new topic, how to get link with all of
> them? esp we know, developer using different tech, python, java, etc..
> how to communicate with them?
> regards
> frans
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