[OSM-talk] OSMF Board & auto industry / What's the story?

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 9 14:02:17 BST 2012

And I'm forgetting the biggest issue:

>> additional effort to convert the map data into their proprietary
>> format due to the lack of structural information.

If "convert the map into their proprietary format" is only something 
that can be done at the car manufacturers mercy, as in: they don't 
provide (preferably free) tools to do so or the description of their 
format, then it's useless anyway. The whole issue is that the customer 
is free to use the OSM maps on navigation devices.
I don't see the added value of having an OSM map if I still have to 
wait for (paid) updates by my car manufacturer.


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