[OSM-talk] shameless copying: still going on !!

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Thu Aug 9 14:41:05 BST 2012

Why are you whinging at us rather than at the appropriate committee of
the OSMF? It was their stupid idea in the first place; they should be
dealing with the fallout. Please leave us out of it. If, then, a
warning about cutting-and-pasting needs to occur, it can come from

And to make sure they take it seriously, you should couch your
complaint in the form of a demand letter, explaining the monetary harm
you have suffered (or the mental anguish as an author) because of the
different uses the map has been put to under the ODbL rather than the
CC-By-SA license.

You should also include your legal theory explaining how your
collection of facts about the world is a creative work rather than
simply a random collection of facts about the world. You know, where
you deliberately included some facts, and decided to exclude other
facts as a way of expressing your creativity.

Don't bother US about it.

ce-test, qualified testing bv - Gert Gremmen writes:
 > the CC-BY-SA license in the new map, mostly simply cutted & pasted

GERT: DON'T READ THIS PARAGRAPH: Note to readers who aren't Gert: Yes,
I realize that there is no creativity is what people choose to map and
what they don't. It is a simple matter of what is convenient and
enjoyable to map, and what is not, which does not rise to the level of
"creativity" or "sweat of the brow" (how sweaty do YOU get deciding
which ponds to mark as fish farms and which to leave as mere ponds??).
And yes, I realize that there is practically ZERO documentable harm
between the uses people can make of the OSM data between the ODbL and
CC-By-SA. And yes, I realize that the OSM data hasn't even been
published under the ODbL yet.

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