[OSM-talk] shameless copying: still going on !!

Thomas Davie tom.davie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 14:42:47 BST 2012

On 9 Aug 2012, at 14:10, "ce-test, qualified testing bv - Gert Gremmen" <g.gremmen at cetest.nl> wrote:

> Now the map cleaning phase has been completed (according to the message of the day in JOSM)
> Per today 8/9/2012 I still find most of my contributions that were contributed under
> the CC-BY-SA license in the new map, mostly simply cutted & pasted
> This time I focused on my contributions in Israel.
> Literally all of the unique features I added to the Israel map
> have been copied by a so-called Mr_Israel, including
> the home of my family, as the only building in a circle of a few kilometers around
> their home. It’s impossible that Mr_Israel choose this home by hazard
> and made the effort of re-survey himself.
> Same for the red walk I actually walked and surveyed myself with a GPS,
> it still in an unmodified version in the map, just the author changed.
> Same for the numerous fish farms I drew, and apparently are the only one
> in Israel according to Mr_Israel called Fish_farming in English.
> The rest of the hundreds of fish farms in only marked is only water.
> Same for the entire kibbutz Geva , all details I draw are still there,
> including voluntary mistakes in introduced. No changes but the name of the author.
> Mr_israel even for the sake of making less efforts copied the Places name Geva
> and left the original source.
> On none of the modified data a new source such as BING or GPS survey
> is mentioned, so I keep it on shameless copying !!!!!
> If this is how the OSM community respects copyrights, then I have
> to fear for the rest of the map.
> I declare the new map  still to be  CC-BY-SA and not ODBL

1) I hope someone very quickly bans the above accounts and removes your copyrighted data from the map.
2) Just a tiny semantic point... You don't get to declare that, it's being shipped under the ODbL license.  What you do get to declare is that OSM is currently infringing your copyright and ask them to fix that!

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