[OSM-talk] FYI - Creating GTFS data from OSM data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Aug 18 08:56:56 BST 2012


On 18.08.2012 04:41, Mike N wrote:
> There are some free GTFS editors, some paid products, but none that
> start with maximum use of OSM data as a base to create an initial GTFS
> feed.


> Let me know off list if you're interested in looking at the program.
> After 1 or 2 people test it, I'll just check it into SVN.

I don't know enough about GTFS and how Google use it, but can you 
somehow make sure that files generated with your program don't end up on 
Google (either through technical means, or by educating the users of 
your program accordingly)? Or at least make sure that *if* data ends up 
on Google our license is not violated?

I know that there are many non-Google uses of GTFS meanwhile, but since 
the format was originally created by Google and is still used by them to 
load third-party transit data, maybe the existence of an OSM-to-GTFS 
converter could be misunderstood by some as an invitation to upload OSM 
transit data to Google's database?


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