[OSM-talk] Board nominations, exit interviews

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Mon Aug 20 15:21:22 BST 2012

Did you know that you can propose yourself as a candidate for the
OpenStreetMap Foundation board?  the nomination process is now open,
and you don't have to wait for somebody else to nominate you.  If
you've wanted to be more involved in solving problems for other
mappers, standing for the board, or joining working groups is an
excellent way to do so.


Don't wait.  Stand up and serve the community today.

I'd love to hear from current board members on their thoughts about
the recent year in OSM and their year on the board.  it would be
particularly interesting to hear from those long term board members
who have elected not to stand for re-election.  Perhaps something like
an exit interview.  What are their collected thoughts on the board,
it's function within the larger community and even advice for incoming
board members to consider?  This might even be an interesting oanel
discussion at SotM in Tokyo.

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