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I'm happy to talk about my experiences. Not going to Tokyo. Planning to write a series of blog posts.
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>Subject: [OSM-talk] Board nominations, exit interviews
>Did you know that you can propose yourself as a candidate for the
>OpenStreetMap Foundation board?  the nomination process is now open,
>and you don't have to wait for somebody else to nominate you.  If
>you've wanted to be more involved in solving problems for other
>mappers, standing for the board, or joining working groups is an
>excellent way to do so.
>Don't wait.  Stand up and serve the community today.
>I'd love to hear from current board members on their thoughts about
>the recent year in OSM and their year on the board.  it would be
>particularly interesting to hear from those long term board members
>who have elected not to stand for re-election.  Perhaps something like
>an exit interview.  What are their collected thoughts on the board,
>it's function within the larger community and even advice for incoming
>board members to consider?  This might even be an interesting oanel
>discussion at SotM in Tokyo.
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