[OSM-talk] horrible job in gjilan,kosovo

Robert Scott lists at humanleg.org.uk
Thu Aug 23 00:50:13 BST 2012

On Wednesday 22 August 2012, Mike Dupont wrote:
> Richard,
> your insults, personal attacks and negative comments that I have had to
> endure in the past are now continuing now. I wonder why people tolerate it.

I think Richard has been very restrained in the face of the nonsense certain people like you have been digging up for, well, a very long time now.

For instance this

> > Mike - all your edits appear to be preserved at fosm.org so I suggest you
> > use that. And the FOSM lists.

was a beautifully pithy way of suggesting you go and actually do what you've been threatening to do for over a year now, while still being put in the politest way possible.

> Up to now, I have not asked anyone in kosovo to join fosm, I have tried to
> keep my personal reservations about the license change to myself and still
> wear the hat of being an osm promoter in kosovo. Now I get someone who is a
> total jerk from the fosm board asking me to leave or what?
> why does the community tolerate such bad leadership?

Because it's not leadership, and the community doesn't really care about leadership. The community cares about Getting Shit Done (rather than just announced). Of which Richard is a shining example.


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