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On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 11:50 PM, Robert Scott <lists at humanleg.org.uk>

> you've been threatening to do

I am not threatening here at all. I am trying to do to my job and to help
people in Kosovo with the limited time and resource I have. I got into osm
to help these people and they have been helped. We even started to port
creative commons to Albanian language and Kosovar law, only for the osmf to
ditch that. Most of the editors there have accepted the new license, even
if they don't understand it, even if it is not in their language and even
if they have no right to relicense everything, but who cares about that? it
is their problem now. I at least had the backbone not to accept a license
that I knew I could not, I tried to work with you to my ability and to
provide alternatives to prevent massive damage.

The hurdles here are being put up by the osm foundation in changing the
rules of the game, the license midstream. It is not only that the license
has changed, but the very fact that it will also change agan and again at
whim. How can we spend all this time to port a license over for you to
throw it away, and the new regime, which I am only now starting to
understand also has no porting process like cc does, but I brought that up.
It is just more and more problems being piled up and really I don't want to
have to deal with them, but I guess the osmf are just going to force this
new regime onto everyone, or force them out.

Instead of helping me do my job, you are attacking me personally and
otherwise. Instead of helping me fix the problems and addressing my issues,
you are ignoring them.

We are going to find some solutions for these issues, with or without your
help. Instead of jumping in to help fix kosovo, which is not a priority for
you, you just delete the data and destroy cities, instead of hiring lawyers
like creative commons does and engaging legal teams across the world, you
push the legal problems onto the little people and give yourselves the
right to create more problems at whim.

We are going to look for a solution to relicense the iMapp data, and since
you did not bother to contact them or look into it, I will have to.  I had
provided the sources for the data and contact to do it, but it was not
done, choosing to just delete the data instead.

as I said, a horrible job.



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