[OSM-talk] horrible job in gjilan,kosovo

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Thu Aug 23 06:08:33 BST 2012

Mike  Dupont writes:
 > I am not threatening here at all.

Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 10:12:02 -0500
Mike  Dupont writes:
 > I am going to post this one last time.
 > You have permission to re license all my work outside of kosovo and albania.
 > Please stop sending me so many messages, I am getting 10 a day. I have
 > created a new user that accepted the license terms, but my old user I
 > will not. I dont plan on contributing much more as a mapper to OSM,
 > but as a programmer.

To be fair, Mike, you didn't make a threat; you made a promise that
you wouldn't contribute to mapping.

 > is their problem now. I at least had the backbone not to accept a license
 > that I knew I could not, I tried to work with you to my ability and to
 > provide alternatives to prevent massive damage.

Fair enough, but you know the consequences.

 > We are going to look for a solution to relicense the iMapp data, and since
 > you did not bother to contact them or look into it, I will have to.  I had
 > provided the sources for the data and contact to do it, but it was not
 > done, choosing to just delete the data instead.

You did the import; you should stand by it, or accept that it will be

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