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> Toby wrote:
>> Assuming you used the data I supplied this morning, it is actually
>> from 12:30 AM CST last night when I started the jxapi query before
>> going to bed.
>> Also, it looks like http://www.wightpaths.co.uk/coast/CT-only.php
>> has
>> been updated with your new files since you sent your email.
> Perhaps I don't understand what I'm looking for, but have checked
> the 4 points on the Scottish coastlines indicated on the link above.
> I can't see what is wrong with any of them. Some of the ways were
> edited on the 24th March 2012 which I guess might have fixed
> whatever the issue was, but if the data is from (consults timezones)
> yesterday-ish then I'm not sure why they would still show. The
> points seem to correspond with Paul's Europe png too.

I think the answer lies in the original comment from Paul [1]

"This is somewhat more aggressive than the rebuild will be,"

As far as I can tell the error points sometimes get displayed where there 
are what the JOSM  relicencing plugin calls "possible data loss".

As such the error points produced by Paul, and the two maps built upon that 
data are an indication of possible problems, not a 100% definite statement 
of actual problems.

Furthermore, as I understand it, none of the tools which find "dirty" ways 
and nodes are actually using the same logic as the actual rebuild will use, 
so its impossible to get a 100% accurate picture of what will happen.



[1]  http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk/2012-March/062486.html
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