[OSM-talk] RFC updated: OSM Attribution Mark (was: contributor mark)

Alex Barth alex at mapbox.com
Mon Apr 22 12:40:13 UTC 2013

Hello everyone -

I'd love to start pushing again on the OSM attribution mark.

This is an updated proposal based on an initial RFC from earlier this year
titled "Contributor Mark" [1, 2]. Sorry for the delay in following up with
adjustments based on feedback on the original thread.

Again, the goal of this proposal is to draw more attention to OpenStreetMap
wherever it's used by introducing a visually compelling, linked symbol for
placement on OSM-based works and by explaining OpenStreetMap better at the
place where this symbol links to.

Looking forward to your feedback. I'll also be reaching out to
corresponding working groups and OSMF to see how we can move this forward.

Concretely, this RFC proposes

1. Replace current credit "© OpenStreetMap Contributors" with a visual mark
where possible
2. Update `openstreetmap.org/copyright` to explain better OSM, to invite
visitors to join and to allow creators of derivative work to link back to
their sites.

The update to the original RFC brings 4 key changes:

1. Rename the proposal from 'Contributor Mark' to 'Attribution Mark'
2. A completely redesigned mark, containing the letters "OSM"
3. A completely redesigned `/copyright` page, the page the mark links to.
It is much closer to today's `/copyright`
4. The mark is an alternative to "© OpenStreetMap Contributors". Only where
the mark can't be used, "© OpenStreetMap Contributors" may be used.

Please read up on all details on the newly created RFC page:


Also take a look at the repository containing artwork and code:




[1] Initial RFC
[2] Feedback summary
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