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Christian Quest cquest at openstreetmap.fr
Wed Dec 4 15:23:34 UTC 2013

After 5 years of mapping, France municipalities administrative boundaries
are finally all mapped in OSM !

Yes, it took 5 years to trace them from the cadastre.

It took so much time mainly for 2 reasons:
- there are 36681 municipalities in France (40% of all Europe
- only a part of cadastre data are available in vector format, one third
was only available as rasters cut in several pieces for each municipalities
with few or most of the time no georeferencing at all...

Is has been a huge work, done by almost 250 mappers. Paris was the first
one created in march 2008 and Contoire is the last one:

We made a video to show the mapping year after year:

We have started check the quality of that work, and a first step is
summarized in a blog post: http://openstreetmap.fr/node/18532

We are planning some media work around this in the next days.

A big big thank to the cadastre authority (DGFiP) who made access to the
cadastre possible to create OSM data, and a big big thank to all the
mappers involved.

Christian Quest - OpenStreetMap France
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