[OSM-talk] Cool uses of OSM

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Tue Jan 1 01:58:26 GMT 2013

Maarten Deen writes:
 > I was using a train from the Erzgebirgsbahn in Germany yesterday 
 > (Annaberg-Buchholz - Chemnitz) when I noticed the information display. 
 > This was an OSM background on which the trains from the Erzgebirgsbahn 
 > were overlayed. I took a few photos but I now also see that they have an 
 > internet version of it on <http://www.vms.de/egb/index.html>. The 
 > version in the train had as default view the train you were sitting in 
 > and that trains timetable was shown on the left (just as a train that 
 > you click on wil show its timetable on the right).
 > And as a bonus: it's Openstreetmap so it also allows you to see a map 
 > of the surroundings before you disembark the train.
 > The only thing missing from the trainversion (which I now see on the 
 > internetversion) is the possibility to see a departuretable when you 
 > click on a station.
 > I don't see it on the internetversion, but the trainversion had a logo 
 > from Funkwerk <http://www.funkwerk.com/funkwerk_de/> on it. I assume 
 > they developed it.

It would be double-awesome if, when the train stopped, they put a QR
shortlink for your current location, so you could transfer the map
onto your phone.

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