[OSM-talk] Wiki documentation on GPS devices - please help answer some questions

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Sun Jan 20 15:48:31 GMT 2013

On 19.01.2013 14:54, Rob Nickerson wrote:
> Really the page titles should be updated to "Recording GPS traces",
> "Converting GPS traces" and "Uploading GPS traces". How do I move the
> pages without messing up the language stuff? Is it possible to mass move
> all translations at the same time?

I agree that the page titles should be standardized. "Upload" is an
especially bad page title.

I'm unsure about renaming from "GPS tracks" to "GPS traces", though - is
one of the two considered more correct in English? In German, "tracks"
seems more prevalent - it's used e.g. in Wikipedia and in the German
localization of osm.org. But ultimately, either will do the job, so I
don't want to start excessive bike-shedding.

As for the translations, afaik you cannot move all of them at once.
There may be some standalone "power user tools", but I'm not familiar
with these. As long as they all have the same page title except for the
prefix, moving them separately should do the trick anyway.

Also make sure to use the "What links here" special page to update
links, particularly to avoid double redirects (these don't work).


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