[OSM-talk] Upgraded map controls

Maarten Deen mdeen at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 21 20:47:38 UTC 2013

On 2013-07-21 22:06, Yohan Boniface wrote:
> On 07/21/2013 09:49 PM, Maarten Deen wrote:
> IMHO at the moment they have become superfluous. There is no way 
> anymore
> to zoom in or out more than one step at a time by using on-map controls
> as there was with the old slider. So I'm using the mouse now to zoom in
> or out.
> Maybe not everybody knows this: in Leaflet maps, if you press Shift
> while clicking on +/- buttons, you zoom/unzoom with a factor 3. And so
> (as we are using Leaflet) it is the case on osm.org.

So it's what Frederik says, but it goes further. Not only does noone get 
informed, when there are changes noone (except the developers and maybe 
the happy few that get told) know how to use the new interface.

That's the second thing I had to find out by first complaining that "it 
doesn't work".
And that's not a good thing. I find it out here. How does someone who 
only uses the map find out?


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