[OSM-talk] Double-clicking on OSM map does not centre the map

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Jul 22 13:22:44 UTC 2013

Tom MacWright wrote:
> If anyone wants to do the work, head over to the Leaflet GitHub
> https://github.com/leaflet/leaflet and go for it. I'm imagining it'll be a hard
> sell to the maintainers, because it would make Leaflet's behavior different than
> the vast majority of maps on the internet, not to mention all other open source
> map frameworks.

Can you substantiate that statement?
Many of the demo's currently linked to from the wiki still provided a vertical 
scale and navigation block and work in the manor people are used to. The latest 
changes have not been reflected in any other sites that I have scanned over the 
last couple of days, but I have no doubt some will change simply because they 
are reliant on 'current build' of leaflet or openlayers and are forced to follow 
- or fork?

There is no problem either forking leaflet, or switching to one of the other 
tools if we want a different style of working - THAT is what the internet has 
provided and many projects have forked when they have failed to take enough of 
the users with them. It's a shame as it ends up with differences like 
libreoffice/openoffice but we live with that.

Double-click working one way or another is a preference nowadays, not a 'you 
will do it this way choice', and adding 'you can use right click' when many 
users don't have a mouse just compounds the problem?

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