[OSM-talk] Would you like to help shape the future of OSM?

Johan C osmned at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 20:44:41 UTC 2013

OSMF chairman Simon Poole blogged on May 7, 2013: *“Now, with the new
editor and our plans for new hardware, we’re stepping up another level to
make OpenStreetMap, not Google, the default choice for mapping and map
data.” *
Started as an initiative by some community members, four Openstreetmappers
are currently thinking about the future of Openstreetmap. How might OSM
look like in 2020? Is it necessary and, if so, possible to compete with a
50 bln dollar company which can buy anything it wants? What can people,
interested in geographic data, achieve when they cooperate? Is there a need
to increase the feeling to be part of a community? How can we get people to
use Openstreetmap apps and improve the data?

The four Openstreetmappers are Clifford Snow (USA), Dermot McNally (OSMF
board member, Ireland), Dave Corley (Ireland) and Johan de Ruijter (The
Netherlands). We would like to enlarge this 'future team' to a group of
about 10 people, preferrably geographically spread around the globe. If you
are also interested in thinking about the future of OSM, and have enough
time to spend 1 to 2 hours per week on this till Summer 2014, then you're
most welcome to join us by sending a mail to osmned at gmail.com. You can find
more info in the wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Future

Dermot, Clifford, Dave, Johan
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