[OSM-talk] Videos of State of the Map US are up!

Johannes Kröger johannes.kroeger at hcu-hamburg.de
Thu Jun 13 10:56:51 UTC 2013

You can download the videos with youtube-dl if you build it from git.

It does not seem to grab the HD versions (if there are any) though,
only SD.

I had no luck passing it the original URL but it works if you give it
the URL of the iframe:

$ curl -s
| grep -Eo 'http://player.vimeo.com/video/[0-9]+\?portfolio_id=[0-9]+'


$ youtube-dl
[vimeo] 68087537: Downloading webpage
[vimeo] 68087537: Extracting information
[vimeo] 68087537: Downloading H264 file at sd quality
[download] Destination: Tom MacWright - iD, a New Editor for
[download]  27.5% of 72.74MiB at  4.07MiB/s ETA 00:12

Or short:

youtube-dl $(curl -s VIDEOURL | grep -Eo

It would be great to make sure they are never lost by uploading them
to https://archive.org . I'd volunteer to do that unless there is an

Cheers, Hannes

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