[OSM-talk] Videos of State of the Map US are up!

Johannes Kröger johannes.kroeger at hcu-hamburg.de
Sun Jun 23 19:33:08 UTC 2013

Hey, I forgot but now I mirrored the videos to archive.org (your friendly future-safe filehost).

You can find them for streaming or download in mp4 (from Vimeo) or Ogg Theora at https://archive.org/search.php?query=sotmus2013 (of course it had to go offline for maintenance right now, heh)

The files had to be renamed to fit the filename restrictions at IA and some special characters (hyphens, apostrophs) in the descriptions upset s3cmd so I changed them to lookalikes. I hope I made no big mistakes.

Thanks for recording!

Cheers, Hannes

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