[OSM-talk] Please test this "Native wikipedia link" - feature

Tirkon tirkon33 at yahoo.de
Wed Jun 26 16:13:14 UTC 2013

Michael Kugelmann <MichaelK_OSM at gmx.de> wrote:

>did you take care about WIWOSM?
Of course I do. ;-)

>- This already works fine since more than one year.
>- the tagging scheme can handle different language even in parallel
>- BUT: the tagging of ONE LANGUAGE is SUFFICIENT, the rest is handled as 
>linking within Wikipedia

Just a few days after the collaboration of Wikipedia and OSM began, I
posted a whole bunch of ideas what could be done, i.e. generating maps
like this automaticely from OSM. 
This would be far beyond that, what is done by WIWOSM. Thus I am
really happy to have WIWOSM. Thus I wrote a German guide just the day
after it was introduced on the FOSSGIS. Sadly we have the problem,
that it does not work in the Internet Explorer. So long it is
problematical to convince Wikipedians using WIWOSM instead of the old
less advantageous tools. My intension was and is to advertise this
collaboration. All this should make clear that I really care about

My focus on the collaboration of Wikipedia and OSM is also the reason,
why I came up with the idea of this thread. At the moment the only
question is whether it works or not - nothing more. You are right: For
WIWOSM one language link is sufficient. You wrote that the rest has to
be done in Wikipedia. Again you are right. And this thread is the
first beginning of testing just that. If it works, the next step could
be to find the Wikidata object from the link to one discretionary
language article. But the essential part that needs testing is what I
brang up here. If it works, everybody has the possibility to use a
"Native wikipedia link", i.e. in a posting or a mail, in an OSM map or
in another project.

I never asked to implement something in OSM. I only begged for a test
in order to make this feature possible. Thus the title of this thread
is: "Please !!TEST!! this "Native wikipedia link" - feature" and not
"Please implement this "Native wikipedia link" - feature". 

Be assured that I will not ask to implement something in OSM without
caring about WIWOSM. ;-)

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