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Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sun Nov 24 19:16:21 UTC 2013

Awesome Yohan,

I see that the right button click offer very intuitive menu. Also, I see the possibility to show in the panel aside, the list of objects and to move to each easily.

Also has promised, the integration of Overpass live queries. This should help the humanitarians for this Typhoon Hayian Activation in Philippines.

Thanks for all of that.


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Objet : [OSM-talk] News of uMap

Hi open mappers!

A quick mail to give some news about uMap.
A set of improvements has been pushed to http://umap.openstreetmap.fr 
just now.
The main move of this version has been to move from PostGIS storage to 
flat geojson. Among others, the idea was to share work with MapBox's 
geojson.io project. When you are alone and you see a team like MapBox 
starting a project same as yours, you just don't try to compete.
Even if there is a chance that geojson.io will quickly make uMap 
useless, until now it's not the case imho, and I do think there is still 
room for this project for now.
Quick philosophical remainder: uMap aim to be an alternative to online 
proprietary drawing map services, for *non technical* users.

So what are the novelties?

- the UI has been reviewed; now there is one big save button for all 
changes, instead of saving every element per se; also it's possible to 
cancel changes
- I've started adding keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-E for toggling edit mode: 
Ctrl-S for saving; Ctrl-M for adding a marker, etc.
- there is now a contextual menu (right click on the map), thanks to 
- there is a discreet loader, that shows when data is fetched, including 
geojson or tiles, thanks to https://github.com/ebrelsford/Leaflet.loading
- OSM data import is now supported, thanks to 
- it's now possible to add "remote layers", that will fetch data 
remotely instead of from uMap server: this can be useful for adding 
dynamic OSM data through Overpass or XAPI queries
- there is a "outlink" option for polygons: when set, clicking on a 
polygon will open an external link in a new window instead of a popup
- links added in a popup content now open in a new window
- it's finally possible to add custom symbols to icons (not yet custom 
shapes, but to be added quickly)
- there is an option for clustering markers of a layer, thanks to 
- there is now two popup templates: default (title + description) and 
table (key=>value), useful for data coming from OSM
- imports are processed client side, thanks to 
https://github.com/mapbox/csv2geojson and 
- added a measure tool, thanks to 
- background URL can now be set by hand
- translations are now on Transifex
- first steps of a basic helps box system

Please see some (dummy) examples live here: 

As usual, every help is welcome (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap):
- Translators, please join at https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/umap/
- Tutorials and documentation is missing, please give it a hand if you 
feel it :)
- Pythonistas and javascriptors, there is many things to 
- users: every feedback is useful
- and if someone wants to run its own instance, feel free to ask for 
help for installation if needed

This version has been partly backed by Ixxi Groupe RATP (Paris subway 
company), so thanks to them!



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