[OSM-talk] Timezones (was: Deleting data)

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Oct 19 21:37:17 UTC 2013

Janko Mihelić wrote:
>     It's even easier to add the tag on existing countries relations. No
>     need for extra ways, neither tagging on ways.
> +1
> Are there any timezones that don't follow country or some other administrative
> borders?

This is unfortunatly part of the current problem WITH timezones ...
The timezone data currently ignores any changes in 'time' prior to 1970, and so 
if you use a current timezone, you have to know exactly how that zone was 
created. Just like the 'historic' map data we need to maintain an acurate DST 
database for the period before 'time' started as far as the TZ database is 
concerned, and at that time areas were using different rules even within the 
same country. The current simplification aligns timezones with country codes or 
sub=codes, but it's accuracy is basically 'undefined' prior to 1970 :(

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