[OSM-talk] Mapping of multiple-lane toll areas

colliar colliar4ever at aol.com
Fri Oct 25 15:23:26 UTC 2013

Am 25.10.2013 17:04, schrieb Dave F.:
> On 23/10/2013 10:01, Pieren wrote:
>> But I can say that tagging each lane with
>> "highway=motorway" + "lanes=1" is incorrect and seems to be "tagging
>> for the renderer" (just to show the toll on mapnik)
> There's nothing wrong with that. It's mapped accurately as individual
> lanes & clarified with the lanes=* tag.

As long as there is no physical separation you should use the :lanes
system and only use separate ways for the individual booths.

> All elements are "tagged for the renderer" How else would they know how
> to render them? What shouldn't be done is tagging incorrectly to get it
> to render, such as labelling a golf bunker as a beach to get it to
> appear yellow. I'm surprised someone with your OSM experience needs to
> be reminded of this.

Well, as long as the renderer do not respect width=* or lanes=* people
will experiment and rendering is not the only purpose. You can do quite
a lot more things with a geodata base.

I do not want to tag for the renderer (e.g. I do not add area=yes on any
multipolygon and closed ways which make no sense to not be interpreted
as area). I even did open a bug report about it against carto only to
have it closed as "other software".

cu fly

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