[OSM-talk] Mapping of multiple-lane toll areas

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Fri Oct 25 21:11:03 UTC 2013

one of the most misunderstood editing standards in OSM. Originally intended
to make sure that motorways and other highways would be tagged as separate
ways, the 'physical separation'  almost seems like a settled law by some

For the toll area: it's indeed true that for a distance of say 10 meters
there is a physical separation. That by the way also happens at fuel
stations. And in both these situations it's more like an area in which one
is able to drive one way than visible highways. Map a highway as long as
it's visible. If it's not, than don't map it.

2013/10/25 colliar <colliar4ever at aol.com>

> Am 25.10.2013 17:04, schrieb Dave F.:
> > On 23/10/2013 10:01, Pieren wrote:
> >> But I can say that tagging each lane with
> >> "highway=motorway" + "lanes=1" is incorrect and seems to be "tagging
> >> for the renderer" (just to show the toll on mapnik)
> >
> > There's nothing wrong with that. It's mapped accurately as individual
> > lanes & clarified with the lanes=* tag.
> As long as there is no physical separation you should use the :lanes
> system and only use separate ways for the individual booths.
> > All elements are "tagged for the renderer" How else would they know how
> > to render them? What shouldn't be done is tagging incorrectly to get it
> > to render, such as labelling a golf bunker as a beach to get it to
> > appear yellow. I'm surprised someone with your OSM experience needs to
> > be reminded of this.
> Well, as long as the renderer do not respect width=* or lanes=* people
> will experiment and rendering is not the only purpose. You can do quite
> a lot more things with a geodata base.
> I do not want to tag for the renderer (e.g. I do not add area=yes on any
> multipolygon and closed ways which make no sense to not be interpreted
> as area). I even did open a bug report about it against carto only to
> have it closed as "other software".
> cu fly
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