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> Eugene - Obviously, I think it is OK right now that it is hard to diff
> and revert changes. We are not under assault by spammers.

But you do agree that it's something that needs to be improved eventually?
It's not spammers alone that are the problem. For example, I think the
criticism about iD showing a prominent trash icon for deleting objects
would be lessened if people have an easy way of reverting such mistakes.

> However, check this link out. It shows that Wikipedia has about
> 36,000+ active editors (90 day average)
> http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~halfak/publications/The_Rise_and_Decline/images/decline.png
> OSM, currently have about 18,000 active editors (30 day average)
> http://osmstats.altogetherlost.com/
> We know that 80% of the edits are done by the active editors. Using
> this important metric, we are about half the size of Wikipedia, which
> is amazing.

The 36,000 number is only for the English Wikipedia. If you get the edits
for all Wikipedia languages, which makes the number more comparable to OSM,
the number of active Wikipedians is around 71,000:

In addition, in Wikipedia, an active editor is defined as one who has
edited at least 5 times in a calendar month. The OSMstats page you linked
seems to count a user as active when he or she has contributed at least
once (which seems correct when looking at the stats for my country). So, if
we were to use the same definition of "active user", I'm sure the
difference in counts would be even larger than the 71,000 vs. 18,000.
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