[OSM-talk] OsmAnd audio files and JOSM

Martyn Evans info at dynoyo.plus.com
Mon Feb 3 17:03:21 UTC 2014

I'm trying to use OsmAnd for audio annotated mapping, making short files 
for each point of interest.  The tracks are accurate, and the waypoints 
of the audio files are displayed correctly when the track file is opened 
in JOSM.

I converted a few of the OsmAnd .3gp files to .wav using ffmpeg via the 
gui WinFF, and they play back OK.

Importing audio in JOSM, I get a message that "some waypoints with 
timestamps from before the start of the track or after the end were 
omitted or moved to the start".  Click on the filename on the map, and 
the message is "This is after the end of the recording".

How does JOSM get the date and time from the audio files?   Can the 
dates be checked, and the files be re-dated ?


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