[OSM-talk] OsmAnd audio files and JOSM

Martyn Evans info at dynoyo.plus.com
Tue Feb 4 20:00:03 UTC 2014

On 04/02/14 19:12, Arlindo Pereira wrote:
> I think that when you convert the files, the new file has a different 
> timestamp, hence JOSM can't figure out where in time it goes.
> Arlindo
> On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 3:03 PM, Martyn Evans <info at dynoyo.plus.com 
> <mailto:info at dynoyo.plus.com>> wrote:
>     I'm trying to use OsmAnd for audio annotated mapping, making short
>     files for each point of interest.  The tracks are accurate, and
>     the waypoints of the audio files are displayed correctly when the
>     track file is opened in JOSM.
>     I converted a few of the OsmAnd .3gp files to .wav using ffmpeg
>     via the gui WinFF, and they play back OK.
>     Importing audio in JOSM, I get a message that "some waypoints with
>     timestamps from before the start of the track or after the end
>     were omitted or moved to the start".  Click on the filename on the
>     map, and the message is "This is after the end of the recording".
>     How does JOSM get the date and time from the audio files?   Can
>     the dates be checked, and the files be re-dated ?
>     Martyn
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I just checked with new files from a track made today:

Leaving the files on the phone, connect via usb and ffmpeg -i gives a 
date of

1948-02-04 for a file created on 2014-02-04.  The times are correct.
This metadata was preserved through the conversions and transfers.

Photos taken on the same track have correct date/time and display 
correctly in JOSM.


( using OsmAnd 1.6.5 beta on Android 4.0.4, latest JOSM and Ubuntu 13.10 )

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