[OSM-talk] Getting Bing cover layers from Bing Analyzer?

Severin MENARD severin.menard at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 00:21:21 UTC 2014


Having the Bing high res imagery cover is really useful when you aim at
coordinating the OSM mapping in developing countries. Eg the Mapping
progress for Central African
the blue areas are the ones not covered by Bing high res imagery.
Actually I created it by hand by checking the whole country, and it took me
more than half a day to get it.

I am wondering if it is or would be possible to get such layers from the
great Bing Analyzer
<http://mvexel.dev.openstreetmap.org/bingimageanalyzer/> service made
by Martin Van Excel. If I understand well, the green/red grid is updated
not automatically but everytime someone zooms using the service. Would it
not be possible to create a checking loop starting from red (=low res)
areas that I expect to be the less extended?


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