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Fernando Trebien fernando.trebien at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 18:54:29 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

I was wondering when is it that Potlatch will be considered officially
deprecated (so, taken out of the main website). I know that the editor
has its pros (Flash is sometimes faster than iD's JavaScript, and some
users certainly prefer Potlatch's menu organization), and I definitely
appreciate the role it has played in OSM previously, but some of its
cons make map maintenance an unnecessary pain. My main issue is lack
of proper support to relations (not displayed and handled improperly
on basic operations, such as when merging and spliting way members,
and not going to be fixed AFAIK). Six months ago when I first posted
the problem below, I was seeing problematic changesets in my city
every now and then, but now, as the Brazilian community has grown
quite a lot, I'm hearing of similar problems popping up in many other

Let me show you the case of these 4 turn restriction relations:

They have been deleted by this changeset:

The user didn't know he was destroying data because Potlatch neither
displays turn restrictions nor issues a warning when merging ways
referenced by relations. It's been like this since I've joined OSM
over 15 months ago, and I've seen this happening and had to fix them
all manually many times.

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Comment (by Richard):

 Potlatch will not be the default editor for much longer (iD will be) so
 purely beginner-focused feature requests are largely out of scope now.

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