[OSM-talk] Not attaching polygons to roads

moltonel 3x Combo moltonel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 18:42:00 UTC 2014

On 26/02/2014, Dave F. <davefox at madasafish.com> wrote:
> On 26/02/2014 11:16, Maarten Deen wrote:
>> On 2014-02-26 11:42, Dave F. wrote:
>>> It would be pretty silly to have a municiple boundary splitting the
>>> centre of a road so different administrations were responsible for
>>> maintaining the left & the right.
>> Like here [1]. The border is in the middle of the road,
> Actually in the /middle/ of the road? I see no evidence of that. I'm not
> suggesting Google Maps are definitive, but they show it to one side.

I don't have a link to share, but there is such a road in my hometown
in France. It caused no end of grief from the residents, because
either both municipalities would decide to do no road improvement at
all, or they'd work on only half the road.

If you thought municipalities and road administrations never do silly
things, think again.

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