[OSM-talk] Details about wooded belt in Saratov Oblast?

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Thu Jan 23 22:56:03 UTC 2014

Dear Russian readers (and others of course),

today, using the OSM slippy map, I came across a regular structure in
the Saratov Oblast, Russia. Map data and aerial images suggest it be
wood or stripes of wood. It looks like a barrier. Against what or whom?
Or when was it grown?

The belt starts near 52.9420 N, 49.7866 E, some twenty kilometres south
of the city of Samara, and continues in south-western direction before
it is interrupted at 50.5091 N, 47.1980 E. Its width is fairly constant
at about 1 km, but every now end then the belt's character changes from
a thick solid line to a four-striped grid of wooded lines with a width
of 50 to 80 metres each.

It eventually continues further south-western at 45.9253 N, 43.7038 E
near Elista and goes on with smaller interruptions as far as to the
northern foothills of the Caucasus at 44.0751 N, 42.2211 E. In length
measuring several hundred kilometres, the belt is pretty distinctive.

By the way, there are similar structures smaller in width around Samara.
And there is a nice M-character at position 45.5352 N, 43.0252 E. It has
no counterpart in aeral images, neither Google's nor Bing's, and seems
to have been part of a bigger formation of alphabetic characters become
landscape (just west of it remnants can be seen). Vandalism?

Since I'm not familiar with the described area, I'd like to know what
all this is about. Maybe someone might shed some light on these objects?
I'd be grateful for any hints, since an extensive search on the net did
not provide me with any hard facts.

Thank you in advance

[1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/131898740#map=12/52.8275/49.7461

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