[OSM-talk] The biggest violation of OpenStreetMap, ever.

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2014-07-14 17:38 GMT+02:00 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:

> Yes, we are basically discussing (at least) two topics here, one is to get
> the "most" important cities on a world scale (likely doable manually), and
> the other is to get a good approximation for every place (i.e. thousands or
> millions of small ones, with relative importance for everyone, likely to be
> done automatically or semi-automatically with help of good algorithms). Of
> course even if you try to be "objective" you will never be, and the
> perception of what is important does vary a lot based on your own cultural
> background, e.g. "Mecca" is not on one of the linked Cities lists of
> wikipedia, but hundreds of millions of people would probably want it
> there...

The thing is, what you need is relative importance of nearby cities. Nearby
cities are not so much subject to cultural background bias, because they
are usually from similar cultures.

Here's a list of some cities and wikipedias (number of wikipedia articles
in different languages about a city). I think it looks pretty good.

New York - 192 (more than nearby Washington even though Washington is
Tokyo - 192
São Paulo - 188 (more than nearby Rio de Janeiro)
Washington - 182
Wien - 176 (more than nearby Bratislava)
Rio de Janeiro - 156
Bratislava - 153
Baghdad - 152
Zagreb - 142 (more than nearby Ljubljana)
Mecca - 138 (more than nearby Jeddah, even though it has less then half the
Ljubljana - 130
Montevideo - 125
Ulan Bator - 121
Bamako - 113
Jeddah - 106
Perth - 95
Casablanca - 93
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